2016/17 Referee and Snitch Certification Requirements Announced


MAI, 2016


In order to encourage and maintain a high standard of safety, sportsmanship, and fair play across our organization, teams will be required to complete the following certification requirements in order to compete at this upcoming season’s regional and national events.

Each team should prepare to have, at minimum:

a) one fully certified Head Referee (must pass the written AR, SR, and HR tests, as well as the HR Field Test)
b) 2 certified Snitch Referees (must pass the written AR and SR test)
c) 4 certified Assistant Referees (must pass the written AR test)
d) 1 fully certified Snitch Runner (must pass the written SR test, as well as a Snitch Runner Field Test)

A Snitch Runner may serve as a Snitch Referee for the team with which they are affiliated. However, all other referee requirements must be fulfilled by different individuals. Those who meet the requirements shall be expected to serve as game officials at the events their affiliated team are attending.

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With this, we hope to raise the quality of officiating, increase overall awareness of the rules, and to reduce our sport’s shortage of game officials, facilitating improved tournament organization along the way. Complete details and an updated version of the written tests shall be released before the 2016-2017 season begins. However, field tests taken from this point forward shall be valid for the upcoming year. Please contact the Gameplay Director at ema.shiroma-chao@quidditchcanada.com to arrange a Head Referee or Snitch Runner field test in your region.