Quidditch Canada Announces General Partnership with Fox40




Quidditch Canada is thrilled to formally announce a new agreement with Fox40 that will see the company become a General Partner of the growing not-for-profit sports organization. Headquartered in Hamilton, Fox40’s catalogue includes a wide range of products which are of interest to our membership, including whistles, whistle attachments, sporting gear, coaching boards, and mouthguards.

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As a result of the agreement, Quidditch Canada members will be able to:

  • Purchase products, including mouthguards, at Fox40’s 2017 North American Wholesale Prices (a minimum of 12 pieces per order is required in order to take advantage of the wholesale pricing rate)
  • Receive a 50% discount off any order on www.fox40shop.com through the use of an exclusive coupon code
  • Purchase branded Quidditch Canada whistles and coaching boards at Fox40’s 2017 North American Wholesale Prices


Fox 40 International Inc. was founded in 1987 by Ron Foxcroft, an entrepreneur and internationally renowned basketball referee. Foxcroft revolutionized the world of officiating by taking it upon himself to address the design problem presented by the pea whistle, after experiencing a particularly frustrating whistle malfunctioning incident at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. With the help of Ontarian design consultant Chuck Shepherd, Foxcroft worked diligently to perfect what we now know and recognize as the Fox40 pealess whistle, which is commonly used today by officials in a number of well-known sports organizations such as the NFLCFL,NHLNCAA and NBA.

“We have always recommended that our officlals use Fox40 whistles, but to be able to secure a partnership like this will really allow our referees to have access to the best products available. The idea of having quidditch-specific coaching boards is also extremely exciting, not only for us but also for our members,” said Ema Shiroma-Chao, Gameplay Director. “Since their founding, Fox40 has done some tremendously inspiring work. They have shown incredible passion, hard work, and innovation through their continuous research and development of new products, and enough can’t be said about their program initiatives. It truly is a Canadian enterprise, and one that Quidditch Canada is proud to support. We are extremely excited to have them on board as a General Partner, and can’t wait to see where this will lead us.“

Ema Shiroma-Chao

Gameplay Director, Quidditch Canada

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