Quidditch Canada 2017-18 Bidding Process Opens

Quidditch Canada is excited to announce the start of the bid process for major tournaments for the 2017-18 season. Quidditch Canada is in the midst of its third successful season. Since its inception, Quidditch Canada has held major tournaments taking place in eight cities stretching across four provinces.

Quidditch Canada is accepting bids from now until May 5, 2017 for its Western Regional Championship, Eastern Regional Championship, and National Championship events. Bid finalists will be announced by May 12, and the winning locations will be announced by July 15.

Further information, as well as the bid manual for interested hosts can be found on Quidditch Canada’s website at quidditchcanada.com/event/event-bidding/. All enquiries can be sent to Events Director Sachin Kotecha.


I’m looking forward to working with our host cities as we continue to advance quidditch across Canada!

Sachin Kotecha

Events Director, Quidditch Canada