JULY, 2017


Ittaana Krow Hired as Gameplay Director

Photo credit: Ben Holland Photography

After serving as Interim Gameplay Director for the past two months, Ittaana Krow has been hired to fill the Gameplay Director position on Quidditch Canada’s board.

Krow has been the Head Coach of the Valhalla Community Quidditch, a quidditch team of the Greater Toronto Area, since 2015. In the summer of 2016, he travelled to Germany to compete at the IQA World Cup as a Team Canada Keeper.

He first began volunteering for Quidditch Canada as a Gameplay Coordinator in the fall of 2016, and in this capacity has helped to coordinate the gameplay aspects of our 2016 Eastern Regional Championship in Mississauga, ON, our 2017 National Championship in Victoria, B.C., as well as our most recent Canada Day Fantasy Tournament in Ottawa, ON. This summer, he is also working as a statistician for Major League Quidditch’s Ottawa Black Bears team.

We are excited to share in Krow’s expertise and look forward to supporting his efforts to advance quidditch gameplay across Canada.

Cover photo credit: Ben Holland


Ittaana Krow has proven time and time again that he has an unparalleled passion for Quidditch, and will do whatever is necessary to help the sport grow. I am confident that the added value of Ittaana’s experience and passion will enable Quidditch Canada to accomplish great things this season. Welcome aboard!

Joshua Muscat

Volunteer Director, Quidditch Canada