Standing National Team for IQA World Cup 2018 Announced

Following an extensive tryout process throughout the summer and early fall of 2017, Quidditch Canada is pleased to announce the 42 people who have been selected to train and continue the tryout process for selection for the IQA World Cup 2018.  

Quidditch Canada believes this process has already helped improve the development of quidditch across Canada. Practices and training has improved at the club level as teams have introduced new drills and activities to their training. This process has also helped to identify several development players who, while not selected for the standing team, will be invited to participate in occasional training opportunities with the standing national team.

“We had the option to select fewer athletes,” said National Team Coordinator Brian Gallaway, “but once the results came in from the tryouts we ended up with 42 athletes on our training team; every one of them is in the running for the team that will travel to Florence, Italy.”

Said Head Coach Michael Howard: “I’m thrilled to be working with such a talented group of athletes, and I can’t wait to see what this team can do going forward. Also a big thank you to the over 130 people who signed up to tryout for the team. You proved that the level of talent in Canada has never been higher.”

On behalf of the National Team Staff, Quidditch Canada would also like to extend a thank you to all the evaluators and volunteers who helped support the tryout and selection process.

The roster of the standing national team:

Alex Naftel – Carleton Ravens
Alexander Scherger – Valhalla Quidditch
Andrew Kusters – Valhalla Quidditch
Brock Lowery – Waterloo Ridgebacks
Cayley Mendoza – Edmonton Aurors
Chris Radojewski – Edmonton Aurors
Christopher P Dehler – Calgary Mavericks
Claire Steckle – Unaffiliated
Cody Rennick – University of Ottawa
Cory Smithson – Valhalla Quidditch
Daniel Longo – University of Guelph Gryphons
Denver Staines – University of Guelph Gryphons
Erin McCrady – Valhalla Quidditch
Hailey Yhap – Queen’s University
Indiana Nikel – UBC Thunderbirds SC
Ittaana Krow – Valhalla Quidditch
James Neuman – Edmonton Aurors
Jeremy Burrows-Balka – University of Guelph Gryphons
Jessalynn Tsang – Valhalla Quidditch
Joel Martens – Calgary Mavericks
John Nicholson – Queen’s University
Jonathan Golla – Valhalla Quidditch
Karen Douglas – University of Ottawa
Katie Brown – Valhalla Quidditch
Katie Olfert – UBC Thunderbirds SC
Lendl Magsipoc – UBC Quidditch Club
Lynden Evers – Valhalla Quidditch
Madeline Surman – University of Toronto
Martin Chiasson – University of Ottawa
Matthew Askett – Queen’s University
Matthew Bourassa – Unaffiliated
Michael Krysa – Edmonton Aurors
Michael Wanless – Université de Montréal
Nina Patti – Valhalla Quidditch
Piotr Makuch – Valhalla Quidditch
Raphael Roy-Laurore – University of Ottawa
Robyn Fortune – McGill University
Samantha McCaul – Queen’s University
Soleil Heaney – Edmonton Aurors
Steven Kimball – University of Ottawa
Tyson Worrall – Valhalla Quidditch
Zac MacDonald – University of Guelph Gryphons