Quidditch Canada Releases Mid-Season Rankings

Cover Photo by Annemieke Drost

With a successful Eastern and Western regionals now behind us, we can now turn to see how the rankings have shifted at the mid-season mark. Rankings are calculated using the elo system unveiled this year. The rankings, which can be found on our website, currently incorporate all official matches up until November 19th, 2017.

The Gameplay Department has also been able to provide further insights this season. In the “Additional Stats” tab of our rankings page, you will also find teams’ quaffle point differentials, and S.W.I.M. (Snitching When It Matters) stats. This additional information will be able to give insight to possible play styles; whether a team is geared more for a more aggressive offense or defensive game plan, and how well/often a team plays in tight games.

See how your favourite eastern and western teams are ranked so far below.

Eastern Rankings

  1. Valhalla Quidditch (22-1)
  2. Université de Montréal (9-5)
  3. McGill University Quidditch (9-5)
  4. University of Guelph Gryphons (13-8)
  5. Queen’s Quidditch (9-6)
  6. Waterloo Ridgebacks (9-7)
  7. University of Ottawa Quidditch (7-6)
  8. Carleton Ravens (5-7)
  9. Royal City Quidditch (7-10)
  10. Valfreyja Quidditch (7-10)
  11. Canada’s Finest Quidditch Club (2-8)
  12. University of Toronto Centaurs (4-11)
  13. Ryerson Quidditch (0-9)
  14. UTSC Phoenix (2-12) 

Western Rankings

  1. UBC Thunderbirds SC (12-1)
  2. Edmonton Aurors Quidditch (7-5)
  3. Simon Fraser University Quidditch (5-4)
  4. Calgary Mavericks (6-7)
  5. UBC Quidditch Club (3-8)
  6. University of Victoria Valkyries (1-9)