Quidditch Canada Releases Updated Official Certification Written Tests

Cover Photo by Annemieke Drost

In order to reflect changes to the 2018-19 rulebook being used by Quidditch Canada this season, the written tests that certify our Assistant Referees, Head Referees, Snitch Referees, and Snitch Runners have been updated by Quidditch Canada’s Gameplay Department.

The Gameplay Department apologizes for the delay in releasing these written tests to our membership. We are however excited to announce that now all certification tests are automated and are available through the Classmarker platform. All previously registered and certified officials must retake their written tests in order to be eligible to officiate at their respective Regional Championships. Head Referees and Snitch Runners will not be required to retake their field tests.

Referee requirements for the 2018-19 season remain unchanged from the previous season. The full official requirements for all registered League Level teams intending to compete at our Major Events can be found on the ‘Become a Referee‘ page of our website. Teams intending to compete at the Eastern Regional Championship in Oshawa, ON must fulfill their referee requirements by Monday, October 22, 2018. Teams intending to compete at the Western Regional Championship in Victoria, BC must fulfill their referee requirements by Friday, October 26, 2018. Teams that do not meet their referee requirements by the deadlines outlined here may be required to pay fines to Quidditch Canada. This information will be communicated by e-mail to all currently registered league teams.

Any teams that believe they meet the “New Team,” “Small Team”, or “Francophone Team” designation, as outlined in the Officials Certification Policy, must contact gameplay@quidditchcanada.com by Friday, October 19, 2018.

Access to our certification written exams is limited to members. In order to access the written tests, please navigate to your account on our membership platform Topscore. The ‘Become an Official’ page is only view able by active Quidditch Canada members. Our General Testing Information document is also available to support members accessing the tests for the first time.

Questions about the certification process and procedure can be directed to the Gameplay Department, at gameplay@quidditchcanada.com.