Quidditch Canada Seeking Community Input on National Team Program

Cover Photo credit: Suraj Singh

The National Team program is looking to make significant improvements in its structuring, delivery, and community collaboration. With the the National Team now operating as its own department within Quidditch Canada, and with Rachel Malone as a designated program manager, the program is looking to fill key positions – that of the Head Coach and Head Manager – while also seeking feedback from the community on the program overall.

Given the new teams that have formed this season at both Development and League levels, Malone hopes that the National Team Interest Survey will help interest new athletes in the program, while also identifying key leaders across the country who can continue to support the ongoing success of the National Team.

“Establishing a standing National Team last season was the first step to building a sustainable and successful program,” says Malone. “As a part of the coaching staff, I worked closely with the administrators and other coaches, and together we put significant thought into the areas we succeeded in, as well as the areas we need to apply more focus and work into for the future. I hope to implement a more robust organizational structure that will better support athletes and the volunteers involved.”

Malone believes that by taking successes and key learnings from the previous cycle and applying them to the newly formed department, Quidditch Canada will be able to develop a sustainable pipeline for high level athletes across the country. “Both the launch of the survey, as well as the opening of Head Coach and Managerial positions, will support us in being better able to engage and represent Quidditch Canada as a whole.”

Applications for both the Head Coach and Head Manager positions are now open. You can find role descriptions and instructions for submission on our website.

The interest survey is open for submission for prospective athletes and volunteers. Athletes from the 2017-18 National Team cycle are encouraged to fill out the survey as well. The survey will close on January 21st.