The locations for our 2016-17 Events have now been selected!

Each year, Quidditch Canada hosts three major tournaments across the country. Our Western and Eastern Regional Championships for the 2016-17 season will be held in the Fall while our National Championship is set to take place in the Spring. Each of these events brings hundreds of athletes and spectators into the host city, providing a tangible economic impact.  These events would not be possible without the support of host cities. Your support helps grow the sport in Canada and makes these events a reality.

The locations for our 2016-17 Events have now been selected. This page will be updated with the 2017/18 bid process when that information is available. We hope to release this prior to the end of 2016. For reference, the timeline of the 2016-17 bid process was as follows:


Bid Flowchart

For questions regarding bidding for hosting rights to Quidditch Canada official events, please contact Events Director Sachin Kotecha.


2016-17 Bid Manual

Download Bid Manual

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