2016-2017 Membership Plan

Quidditch Canada Announces its 2016-2017 Membership Plan

Team Membership

Development Team

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Associated League Team*

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*An associated League Team is a team that is run under the same organization’s umbrella. In addition to a lower fee for a second team, clubs with associated League Teams are also allowed unlimited transfers between the two rosters for up to 6 players, in addition to the one transfer per player mandated in the regular transfer policy.

Individual Membership: Quidditch Development Fund ($5) plus one of the following

Youth Quidditch Membership*

25 total
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Official Only Membership (referee or snitch only)

35 total
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*Youth Members are 16 years of age and younger who only play and practice with and against other individuals 16 years of age and younger.

This season, the registration system will move from Pointstreak to a better-integrated system facilitated by TopScore. This change will launch by September 1, in time for registration. This year, Quidditch Canada will also introduce Event Fees, including both a Team Fee and a Player Fee. These funds will be used directly to improve our Regional and National events. By charging them separately from membership fees, the fee due dates are spread out throughout the season, rather than being entirely front-loaded. As well, they are only collected from teams who are directly benefitting from the events.

Team Fee $75

Player Fee $30

To learn more about how membership and event fees are used, please see our Financial Report.

Jill Staniec

Membership Director, Quidditch Canada

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