L'histoire du quidditch

Quidditch Canada was created July 1st 2014 to lead, promote and advance the sport of quidditch in Canada. Prior to this, Canadian Quidditch was overseen by the organization formerly known as the International Quidditch Association. It was administered by the IQA’s International Director Andrea Hill, until September 2012 when Tegan Bridge was hired to be the first Canadian Regional Director.

The first quidditch club in Canada was formed in September of 2008 at McGill University. The next month, they competed at the second Quidditch World Cup, making them the first non-American team to ever compete at a quidditch tournament. Less than two years later in 2010, Carleton University, University of British Columbia, and University of Calgary all formed teams, making them Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta’s first quidditch teams, respectively.

In October 2011, Carleton Quidditch hosted the first Canadian Cup, which was attended by eight teams – seven Canadian teams and one American team. McGill University placed first, Carleton University placed second, and University of Ottawa placed third.

In July 2012, the first Team Canada was formed and travelled to Oxford, England to compete in the International Quidditch Association’s Summer Games, held to coincide with the London Olympics. Team Canada placed fourth overall.

« Quidditch is full-contact, gender-integrated, and the most challenging fun you’ll ever have! »

The second Canadian Cup was hosted by Queens University in November 2012. Ten teams were in attendance and McGill University took first place, University of Ottawa second, and Carleton University placed third, qualifying all three for World Cup VI in Kissimmee, Florida. The third  Canadian Cup took place in Toronto in November 2013, where sixteen teams competed for four World Cup VII bids. The uOttawa Gee-Gees placed first, Carleton University placed second, and McGill University and Ottawa Maple Rush tied for third place.

The second Summer Games, known as the Global Games, was held in Burnaby, BC in July 2014. Seven countries put forward teams and Team Canada placed third. Team Canada will be participating in the newly-rebranded International Quidditch Association‘s World Cup 2016.

Quidditch Canada was formed on July 1st, 2014 after the IQA split into national leagues. Held in Quidditch Canada’s inaugural season, the Eastern Regional Championship was the largest quidditch tournament in Canada to date, with 17 teams competing in Kingston, ON. The Western Regional Championship was held in Moose Jaw, SK. The first ever National Championship was held in Burnaby, BC on March 27th & 28th. The Toronto Avengers narrowly defeated McGill University Quidditch in a best-of-three series. Quidditch Canada is now entering its second season.

Quidditch Canada a été créé le 1er Juillet 2014 afin de développer, de renforcer et de promouvoir la pratique du quidditch en tant que sport au Canada. Le quidditch est un sport compétitif et au rythme soutenu pratiqué par des centaines de joueurs dans le monde entier.  



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