Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche de volontaires à différents postes au sein de notre association.

Open positions


Gameplay Coordinator

The Gameplay Coordinator is primarily responsible for assisting the Gameplay Director with the oversight and organization of gameplay within Quidditch Canada. They will be expected to actively participate and contribute to Gameplay Department meetings which will discuss proposed initiatives, policies, and rule changes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work alongside the Events Department to determine tournament formats and other logistics related to gameplay for Quidditch Canada’s regional and national tournaments
  • Collaborate with Rankings or Statistics Coordinator to create and improve upon the algorithm used for Rankings
  • Take on project-based work as assigned by the Gameplay Director, including research projects, resource development, and gameplay-related planning and organization
  • Promote Gameplay Department initiatives such as referee training and review of game officials
  • Serve on Disciplinary Panel when requested
  • Contribute to Gameplay Department discussions on gameplay policies and rule changes


  • Familiarity with past and current rulebooks and Quidditch Canada gameplay policies
  • Quidditch or sports experience in a gameplay-related role, eg. Tournament Director or Referee will be considered an asset
  • Experience with the gameplay aspects of tournament organization – format, scheduling, etc. will be considered an asset
  • Basic computer skills including working with spreadsheets and Google Drive

Requested Materials:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

To apply, please submit all requested materials to Joshua Muscat at

Conference Coordinator
The Conference Coordinator will work as part of the Gameplay Department and will report to the Gameplay Director. There can be many conference coordinators or co-coordinators, depending upon how many conferences would like to be started. All selected conference coordinators will need to register as an individual member of Quidditch Canada for the 2016-2017 season.

Key Responsibilities

  • Organize interested teams into conferences, developing a regular season schedule
  • Select a venue and date for a conference championship, and run that event
  • Represent conference members’ opinions and concerns in QC Gameplay policy discussions

Conference Requirements

  • A conference is made up of a group of teams who wish to play regularly during the season
  • Teams interested in joining a conference should be willing and able to financially commit to it
  • Teams should plan to be in a conference that meets their competitive interests for 2-5 years
  • Conferences should take reasonable geographic restrictions into account when forming
  • Conferences must be named (e.g. The West Coast Quidditch Conference, The Maple Conference)
  • Conferences must develop a logo by the end of the 2016-2017 season
  • All teams within a conference must play each other at least once during a season, unless a conference wishes to be further divided into divisions. In that case, all divisional teams must play each other at least once during a season prior to the conference championship
  • Each conference must schedule a conference championship and crown a victor for the season


  • Minimum 1 year of experience with quidditch as a player, coach, referee, snitch, or administrator
  • Experience in a leadership position or organizing a group to work on a project from scratch
  • Experience with other sports an asset, especially familiarity with scheduling or regular season play
  • Must have basic computer skills including working with spreadsheets and Google docs
  • Bilingual in English/French an asset
  • Interest in organizing cross-border play between QC member teams and USQ member teams

Requested Materials

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

To apply, please submit all requested materials to Nina Patti at


Financial Director

The Financial Director is responsible for managing the finances of Quidditch Canada. They are responsible for creating and managing budgets, establishing policies for recording financial transactions, and creating and sharing financial reports with pertinent bodies. They also ensure that Quidditch Canada is in good financial standing, and pursue opportunities to secure funding for our organization.


  • Staff and manage the finance department
  • Attend weekly management meetings
  • Oversee budget for Quidditch Canada
  • Ensure that Quidditch Canada is in good financial standing
  • Coordinate with other Directors to ensure their budgets are well-managed
  • Produce and submit financial reports as required
  • Create sponsorship package and approach potential partners
  • Apply for grants and other funding opportunities
  • Manage the payment and reimbursement of Quidditch Canada volunteers


  • Bilingualism (French and English) is an asset
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with creating and overseeing budgets and financial reporting
  • Previous experience volunteering with the IQA or a Canadian quidditch team is an asset
  • Must have basic computer skills including working with spreadsheets
  • Experience working with accounting software is an asset

Requested Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover letter 

Please submit all requested materials to Volunteer Director Joshua Muscat at

Corporate Partnerships Coordinator

The Corporate Partnerships Coordinator will be responsible for securing new corporate partnerships and sponsors to support Quidditch Canada’s activities. They will be managed by the Financial Director.


  • Identify and build database of potential corporate partners and sponsors
  • Research, develop and design sponsorship package
  • Attempt initial contact (cold call, email) and handle initial stages of discussion with leads
  • Work with the Financial Director to negotiate details of agreements
  • Maintain thorough records of all contacts attempted and conversations had


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Sales-oriented interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Graphic design experience an asset
  • Experience securing sponsorships or corporate partnerships an asset

Requested Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover letter (please note the monetary value of any previous sponsorships secured
    Please submit your cover letter and resume to Nina Patti at

Grant Writer

The Grant Writer will be responsible for writing grants to secure funding for Quidditch Canada’s activities. They will be managed by the Financial Director.


  • Identify potential grants and other funding opportunities
  • Research, write and submit grant proposals with the support of the Financial Director
  • Maintain thorough records of all applications and research conducted


  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Experience writing grants or applying for forms of funding an asset

Requested Materials

  • Resume and sample grant proposal/funding request application (if none exist, any piece of writing that involved research will be accepted)

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Nina Patti at



Quidditch Canada is looking for additions to our translation team! These individuals will be responsible for translating all Quidditch Canada materials (including communications materials, league announcements, social media content, and gameplay and administrative documents as required) into Canada’s two official languages. These individuals will help improve the accessibility of Quidditch Canada to all Canadians and ensure the expansion of quidditch throughout Canada by allowing players, spectators, and supporters to participate in their native language. The translation team will work closely as part of the communications team to ensure that people are receiving accurate information in a timely manner.


  • Must be bilingual (French and English)
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Flexibility and availability are a necessity
  • Ability to produce high quality work in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiarity with social media outlets
  • No knowledge of quidditch is required

To apply, please submit a resume to and indicate your first language, if you have one. Selected individuals will receive an application and further instruction.

Staff Photographer

Staff Photographers are be responsible for taking photos at Quidditch Canada events and quidditch events in Canada or featuring Canadian teams or players. They help paint the face of quidditch in Canada and promote quidditch through producing high-quality work to be used by the Communications Department.


  • Must have access to own equipment, including DSLR camera/equivalent
  • Familiarity with photo-editing software
  • Experience with sports photography an asset
  • Willingness and ability to travel to nearby quidditch tournaments at a minimum of one tournament per 4-month semester period
  • Punctual, reliable individual with a dedication to producing high-quality work

To apply, please submit a resume and a portfolio to

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Events Department

Events Manager (3)

Each Events Manager is responsible for organizing and executing 1-2 of QC’s four Major Events (two Regionals, Nationals, and Canada Fantasy). There will be 3 Event Managers, one for each Regional Championship and one for the National Championship. The Events Managers will decide amongst themselves who will run Canada Fantasy. This permanent position reports directly to the Events Director.

Key Responsibilities

  • Help achieve Quidditch Canada goals, as set forth by the Events Director, by planning and organizing logistically and financially successful events
  • Physically attend the Major Event(s) whenever possible
  • Tournament and event planning:
    • Appoint and manage Tournament Director(s) for the Major Event(s)
      • TDs will be responsible for recruiting Event Staff (field managers and equipment manager)
    • Facilitate meetings with Event stakeholders and provide regular updates to the Events Director
    • Work with the host city/committee
    • Seek out, work, and negotiate with Event Partners (companies, sponsors, hotels, and service providers) in order to run the event and meet Event requirements as set forth by the Events Director
    • Control event expenditures within assigned budget
    • Work with Gameplay Department to coordinate gameplay, reffing and snitching
    • Work with Communications Department to create an event-day communications plan
    • Work with Volunteer Department to fill any required event-day roles such as photography, commentary, and merch staff. Responsible for running commentary training.
    • Coordinate the on-site event environment from teams, staffing and spectator experiences.(e.g., communication, signage, displays, staffing)
    • Facilitate post-event debrief process and keep records of all relevant details
  • Sit on the host city selection committee and conduct site visits as much as possible

Necessary Requirements:

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Experience planning and/or directing events
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic computer skills including working with spreadsheets and Google docs
  • Ability to make phone calls and send emails during business hours
  • Strong intrinsic motivation
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team and manage a team

Helpful Qualifications:

  • Bilingualism (French and English) is an asset
  • Experience volunteering or participating in the quidditch community is helpful
  • Experience working in the sports tourism industry is a plus

Requested Materials

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Job Notes: Each Major Event requires at least 3 months of work, with the month leading up to the event requiring on average a few hours on a daily basis.

To apply, please submit all requested materials to Joshua Muscat at

Temporary volunteer position

Graphic Designer - Coaching Certification Manual

This individual reports to the Communications Director. This position is unpaid. This position is temporary and project-based, and will require approximately 30 hours total.

This individual will be responsible for designing the Quidditch Canada Coaching Certification Manual. The graphic designer will work closely with communications and membership staff (specifically Coaching Resource Coordinators) to ensure the design, presentation, and formatting of this product is of high quality and clearly, accurately, and engagingly presents the content. This position may also work with representatives of Quidditch UK. The graphic designer will help create, establish, and maintain a strong and innovative brand.


  • Knowledge of principles of design, including: layout, typography, colour, balance, composition, and current design trends
  • Proficiency in CSS and Adobe Creative Suite is preferred
  • No quidditch experience necessary
  • Flexible and creative
  • Ability to produce high-quality work in a fast-paced environment

To apply, please submit a resume and 2-4 samples of your work (they do not have to be quidditch-related but should demonstrate your capabilities) to Nina Patti at You may link to a portfolio if you have one.

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