Become a Coach

Coaches in quidditch are often players or former players with a passion for the sport, a skill for instruction, and at least a hint of inspiration. Of course, you don’t need to have played quidditch to be a great coach!

There are a lot of general resources available for how to get started as a coach. One of our favourites is If you are new to coaching, we especially recommend their “Get Started” Guide. Through the National Coaches Certification Program, you can also access general coaching resources which will help you build your coaching confidence.

We also recommend that all coaches educate themselves about concussions and player safety. Some online resources we recommend include the “Making Head Way” online training modules and the “Play Safe” Guide.

As a coach, you are a leader both on and off the field for your team. Whether you are overseeing a youth, university, or adult program, your athletes will be looking to you to set the tone for each practice, game, and tournament. The NCCP Coaching Code of Ethics can help guide you in your decision making and remind you of the responsibilities you are undertaking.

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