AUGUST, 2017


Membership Plan Released for the 2017-18 Season

We are excited to unveil Quidditch Canada’s 2017-2018 membership plan, which has been designed to offer service to a wider variety of our members, encouraging membership and supporting growth at all levels of the sport. Membership will open on our Topscore platform and be made available for the new season on September 1, 2017.

New membership options (low-contact, no-contact, and coach) will be available for our members while maintaining previous membership categories and pricing from the 2016-17 cycle. Event fee pricing will also be the same as last season, with Major Events (Eastern Regional, Western Regional, and National Championships) costing $75 per team, and $30 per individual athlete. We are also requiring individual registration at all levels to ensure everyone has insurance coverage while playing at their appropriate level.

Quidditch Canada is also significantly improving insurance coverage this season, increasing general liability to $5 million, increasing dental coverage significantly, removing the $500 deductible per individual claim altogether, and enabling the optional purchase of inexpensive international sport travel insurance ($5 / person / day) for anyone who wants it. Together, these improvements will help support more of our teams and players particularly if insurance is required for booking facilities, or in case of injury.

As part of team registration this season, teams will be required to record their primary practice information (dates, times, and locations) as well as all official games played through TopScore, enabling full compliance with our insurance program. This year, teams must also identify at least one Coach and at least one Team Administrator. These categories cost nothing to register under, and will give designated Coaches and Administrators access to advanced concussion training, training in the new injury reporting software, the ability to submit and edit rosters for events, and other development opportunities.

We hope our members will find that our new plan supports member clubs more effectively this season. Have any questions about the membership plan? Contact Membership Director Jill Staniec at jill.staniec@quidditchcanada.com.

*CDF = Capital Development Fund