AUGUST, 2017


USQ Rulebook 10 to be Adopted for Quidditch Canada’s 2017-18 Season

For the 2017-18 Season, Quidditch Canada will be adopting the rulebook that was used in 2016-17 – USQ Rulebook 10 – with some amendments. With the exception of some changes to the amendments, which can be found in full here, the rules that govern play will be comparable to what was used in the previous season.

This decision reflects a focus on maintaining gameplay consistency. By using the same core rulebook, Quidditch Canada hopes to empower coaches and team leaders to build off the momentum from the past season, and easily integrate new incoming players into their respective programs. Quidditch Canada will also be maintaining the ‘Four Maximum Rule’, which indicates that a maximum of four players who identify as the same gender may be on the pitch in active play at the same time. Maintaining this rule will further support the development of non-male players participating in our sport. There will be no gender maximum restrictions on rosters for this upcoming season.

Four changes were made to this season’s rulebook amendments. The numbering below can be used to reference the full amendment in the public document, and also integrates with the numbering used in USQ Rulebook 10 when the rule exists there:

  1. 2.5.2.F. USQ Rulebook 10’s mouthguard rule is in full effect for the whole season. Information regarding exemptions can be found in the updated Mouthguard Waiver Policy.
  2. An illegal attempt to call a timeout will result in a blue card.
  3. USQ Rulebook 10’s Resetting rule has been amended with this addition from Major League Quidditch’s (MLQ) 2017 Rulebook: “After crossing the midfield line and leaving their half, the offensive team may carry or propel the quaffle back into their own half once. The head referee must indicate when the reset has been used by saying ‘midline’ loudly.”
  4. A player who uses a possessed or propelled ball with the intent of interacting with the snitch runner must receive a yellow card

Further details regarding these amendments can be found in full in the Amendment Document. An document to support interpretation of the rulebook will be also be released in September.

We look forward to further supporting our athletes and promoting the growth of the sport across the country this season. Any questions regarding the rulebook decision can be sent to gameplay@quidditchcanada.com.

Read USQ Rulebook 10.
Read Quidditch Canada’s Amendments.

Our Gameplay Department feels that prioritizing consistency for the sport of quidditch in Canada will support our membership at the player level, recruitment level, coaching level, and team administration level, and will also improve the overall quality of play.

Ittaana Krow

Gameplay Director, Quidditch Canada