MARCH, 2018


Schedule Released for 2018 National Championship

Cover Photo Credit to Haidee Pangilinan

The Gameplay department is excited to present the schedule and seeding for the upcoming 2018 National Championship taking place in Hamilton, ON on the weekend of March 31-April 1.

The Elo Ranking System – implemented for the first time this season – is designed to better predict the results of games before they are played. As teams from the Eastern and Western region have been playing in their own separate pools for the entirety of the season without ever having played common opponents, simply integrating Elo scores from one region into another does not accurately determine how teams from the different regions match up against each other.

The Gameplay department has therefore determined seeding leading into Nationals based on the average change in each team’s Elo score over the course of the season. This was done by taking each team’s individual score, subtracting the average of all scores, and dividing the result by the number of games played by that team.

Change in Elo = (Team’s Elo Score – Average Elo) / Number of Games

By subtracting the average score of 1500 – where every team started this season – the result is the overall change in a team’s score over the course of the season. Dividing that result by the number of games results in an average change.

This metric takes the strength of schedule into account, while not over-emphasizing the number of games played. The resulting ranking is therefore more accurately represents the true strength of Quidditch Canada’s 2017-18 teams to date.

Here is how teams are seeded leading into #QCNats18:

  1. Valhalla Quidditch
  2. UBC Thunderbirds SC
  3. McGill University Quidditch
  4. Université de Montréal
  5. University of Guelph Gryphons
  6. Queen’s Quidditch
  7. Edmonton Aurors Quidditch
  8. University of Ottawa Quidditch
  9. Waterloo Ridgebacks
  10. Calgary Mavericks
  11. Valfreyja Quidditch
  12. Carleton Ravens
  13. Royal City Quidditch
  14. UBC Quidditch Club
  15. University of Toronto Centaurs
  16. Canada’s Finest Quidditch Club
  17. Ryerson Quidditch

Pool A (3 teams): Valhalla Quidditch, UBC Thunderbirds, McGill University Quidditch
Pool B (3 teams): Université de Montréal, University of Guelph Guelph, Queen’s Quidditch
Pool C (3 teams): Edmonton Aurors, University of Ottawa, Waterloo Ridgebacks
Pool D (4 teams): Calgary Mavericks, Valfreyja Quidditch, Carleton Ravens, Royal City Quidditch
Pool E (4 teams): UBC Quidditch Club, University of Toronto Centaurs, Canada’s Finest Quidditch Club, Ryerson Quidditch

Click here to view the Nationals 2018 Game Schedule. While matchups will remain unchanged, the order of games may vary slightly to accommodate for official availability.

The officials and volunteer schedule is expected to be released a week before the tournament.