APRIL, 2018

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New Mercenary Team Avengers Infinity To Compete in the Day 2 Bracket

Out of the wind and rain that nearly blew four tents and several pieces sound equipment away at the end of day one of the 2018 National Championship, a new team was born. Avengers Infinity – a new merc team consisting primarily of Quidditch Canada’s events staff – will be permitted to compete in the bracket in today’s single elimination run for gold.

The addition of this team balances out the tournament’s bracket, whose initial 17 team composition was a source of confusion and frustration to everyone.

Avengers Infinity’s odds are against them coming in to the tournament ranked 18th, but Events Manager Sachin Kotecha, self-proclaimed captain of the team, is unfazed at the challenge.

“My staff spent 6 hours rearranging the schedule for the biggest tournament Quidditch Canada’s ever put on,” he says. “I think we can handle a game of quidditch.”